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Preparing for your Infant massage class

What do I need to bring?

You and your baby

The usual items you would pack in to your baby bag such a nappies, spare clothing, fluids and baby wipes

Hand towels

Wear comfortable clothing

          Completed consultation form for the first visit in a non virtual class.  This form will be sent to you when you enrol.

What will be provided by the course tutor in “non virtual” classes?

Durable and baby proof Instruction material! (You will keep for future reference)
Pillows, supports and items for you and your baby to conduct Infant massage
Massage oil (You will keep)

Your tutor will adapt techniques to you and your baby.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.   This is your time and the more knowledge and skills you can obtain from these sessions, the greater benefit you and your baby will gain. 

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