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Contraindications are to be considered.  A contraindication is when a health status will prohibit the massage to be performed.

The following must be considered before beginning an infant massage class

   If your child is unwell with an illness or fever.  Including the common cold.

   Within 48 hours of an immunisation

   If your child appears to have hypersensitive skin or prone to many allergies. 

It is always best to be taught by a qualified Infant massage instructor, as they will modify your treatment according to your baby’s needs.  For instance a child with “clicky hips” can still receive treatment, but certain techniques would be omitted.

Digestive issues can also be targeted but with the knowledge and experience of the instructor, you will be shown effective techniques without targeting a very painful and sensitive abdomen initially.

The Ideal age to begin Infant massage is from 6 weeks onwards.  Once you have obtained the consent from your healthcare specialist, you can begin the sessions.


Treatments are by appointment only.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high demand of appointment slots, a 24 hour notification must be made as there is a cancellation list.  There are unforeseen occurrences that occur and this is understandable.

Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher must be used within 6 months of purchase.